Unleashing the power of story for yourself.

Who are you? And if so, why?

"Everyone has two stories, but most people only know one and don't know that the other one is much more important for their fulfilled life," says Markus Gull. It is about the archaic basic need of us humans for meaning and significance. Only through this do we feel that our lives are successful.

But experts say that 95 percent of people actually do not find meaning, especially in their professional lives. The rapidly growing number of books, blogs and workshops about "finding your purpose" underlines this more than clearly. In other words, most people are missing their story, they say "Actually, I would ..." and are stuck.

In this keynote Markus Gull takes his audience to the root of humanity, to the place where longing, meaning and resonance arise and where story as an evolutionary, human tool for happiness, meaning and survival begins: Homo sapiens as Homo narrans, who explains the world to himself and others with stories and finds and lives his second story.