Leading with a story.

Let's build a ship!

"If you want to build a ship, don't gather men together to procure wood, prepare tools, assign tasks and divide up the work, but teach men to long for the vast endless sea." - There is no better way to describe the power of story, especially as a crucial leadership skill, than Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is not for nothing that leadership and storytelling are counted among the most important 21st century leading skills.

Inspiring leaders, in companies, associations in politics or among friends and family alike, they get people moving and people moving because they speak to their hearts. The only and best way to get there is not through facts, but through desire.

"Everyone can do story, everyone needs story!" says Markus Gull and in this keynote he takes his audience into the depths, to where the effect of story is rooted. Among other things, he shows how relevance and resonance are created, what meaning and relationship mean, what a story really is and why storytelling leads astray and only storysharing awakens true shared longing.

Story is how you lead teams, brands & campaigns, companies, societies. With story, you lead into the future, and it's no coincidence that it's called: leading your life ...