At regular intervals, we offer exclusive workshops for a limited group of participants. Please register here as a Story Insider and you will be informed immediately when a new date is planned.

You want to hold a story workshop at your company or as part of a conference? On your specific topic, for two to three hours or for a whole day? - We get enquiries along these lines again and again and are therefore happy to come to your premises. There are a number of uncomplicated formats that have proven successful for this purpose and, of course, everything that is needed specifically for you.

Or book one of our workshops especially for your company. The trainings are conducted and led personally by Markus Gull. All trainings and performances are available in German or English.

Lunch & Learn

Invite your employees to an extended lunch break in the meeting room, where knowledge is also fed. Brand & Story at a glance with best/best practice examples and Q & A. Of course, this also works for breakfast, after work ...

This format is also suitable as a programme item for management retreats.

Number of participants depending on space available.

Duration approx. two hours.



Half-day or evening basic trainings

Here you will get a detailed insight into the topic of Brand & Story, best/best practice examples, Q&A as well as simple group tasks that are tailored to concrete tasks in your company - plus a feedback round with further Q&As.

Maximum number of participants 20 persons.

Duration approx. four hours.



Full-day, two-day event or weekend retreat

The intensive treatment of the topic of brand & story is made tangible with Q&A rounds, group work, sandboxing and feedback loops and applied in the innermost experiments. This format is particularly suitable for working on real tasks, new and further development or for reviewing existing brand concepts.

We are happy to take over the entire organisation of this event, including the evening programme. This could include fireside chats with other experts or a joint story analysis of a well-known feature film.

Duration as specified by you.

Maximum number of participants: 30.



Contents and topics

The following topics are discussed in more or less detail - depending on the duration of the format.

  • Why stories are important for our survival.
  • Why story is critical to the success of your brand.
  • What is Story really about?
  • The dramaturgical elements of a story.
  • The success principle of Hero Branding®
  • The Hero Branding® Journey
  • Relevance, meaning and relationship.
  • The only story that is guaranteed to interest you (and everyone else).
  • The three-second dramaturgy lecture.
  • Why storytelling leads astray and only storysharing brings success.
  • Why story is critical to the success of your brand.
  • How Story makes companies directly measurably more successful.
  • Story as a driver of leadership and innovation.
  • What is Brand Experience?
  • Why you can learn the most from anti-heroes.
  • Recognise and work with characters, roles and archetypes.
  • Why storytelling leads astray and only storysharing brings success.
  • Why your brand story should never be about your brand.
  • What is a Storyworld?
  • How to recognise which business you are really in.
  • Find the logline and tagline for your brand story.
  • Why social media absolutely needs stories.
  • How do you use immersive communications and campaigning?
  • Content marketing as a miracle cure?

In conversation:


... when we talk about story? In an interview at the Business Circle Sofa, Markus Gull answers some basic questions about story and storytelling. And, why we should talk about story sharing when we talk about story. Check it out!

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