"The most entertaining and best talk at the Future of Marketing Congress - thank you!"



"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gull again for the good cooperation and the great lecture. We could not have imagined a better final presentation!

"Thank you for your inspiring lecture, Markus! The incitement and encouragement also worked through the camera lens! The feedback from the participants was overwhelming!", Peter St.


"Every company needs a founder myth. It says: 'Those who believe they can change the world have the best stories!' Thank you Markus, for the exciting interview!"

"The Story Dude put on a real parforceride through the world history of advertising. With a lot of passion and wit, he illustrates the importance of storytelling."


"Markus Gull cleared up a misunderstanding right at the beginning of his keynote: storytelling has nothing to do with telling a story.

"Truth. A relevant story is as simple as that. Thanks @TheStoryDude and @contentday_sbg for the exciting #ContentDay2017!"


"Glorious Bastard!", Michael P.

"It's all about stories - Markus Gull giving a brilliant rant about the importance of stories in campaigns & communications", Antti M.

"Friday inspiration on the value of stories for brands. No bullshit today.", Lisa B.


For people who want to do something.

If you are an entrepreneurial person who sees problems and tackles them, and in the best case
and, in the best case, even make a business out of it, then this book is just right for you.

Markus Gull shares his thoughts and gives you:
- Inspiration for the search for your start-up dream.
- A good pinch of courage to take action.
- A perspective on what makes entrepreneurship fulfilling, not just successful.



or what storytelling can really do.

"That was so inspiring!" is what you hear all the time after the keynotes from the Story Dude - Markus Gull. Because: technical lecture & expert knowledge? - A thousand roses! But what every event really needs is sparkling inspiration and infectious motivation, at least at the beginning and end of the event, as the highlight. Markus Gull has it all in one. He is a leading international expert on story and storytelling in all facets of this popular topic and at the same time a speaker who engages his audience from the very first second, entertains them in the best possible way and charges those present with amazing "aha" experiences, valuable knowledge and lots of energy.

Everyone can do stories, everyone needs stories - Markus Gull makes people aware of this, encourages, gives courage, inspires.

29.08.2023 | Aachen


New Story. New Glory.


Ideas and inspiration about stories and brands, practical tips and much more from Markus Gull's treasure chest can be found here. The blog for everyone who is interested in the power of stories, their impact and what lies behind them - for business or for themselves, personally.

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... when we talk about story? In an interview at the Business Circle Sofa, Markus Gull answers some basic questions about story and storytelling. And, why we should talk about story sharing when we talk about story. Check it out!

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